Natural products are made of plant extracts, vegetable and essential oils from nature that the body does recognize and learns how to get the best of them. As they are not containing synthetic ingredients, they adapt to us naturally.

Welcome to CAROLINA HONEST world

We believe in the power of feeling good. Enjoying life and healthy food is our obsession.Consuming organic products not only means living in a healthier way, it also contributes to the struggle for a more dignified future for our children and for a sustainable planet, free of chemicals and transgenics.



honesty: the basis of Carolina Honest recipes
Natural: absolute respect for the ingredients and the manufacturing process


A comprehensive statement




whole wheat flour
without refined sugars
Organic bio biscuits 
Certified by the European Union

Hi! I am Helena, the founder of CAROLINA HONEST, a very personal project, my project. I come from a family biscuit business and I grew up surrounded with the smell of sugar and chocolate around me, and since I was little I'm passionate about confectionary world.

My great-grandfather sowed the seeds of my relationship with the world of sweets, when he started working at VICTORIA cookies. Later, he founded his own company, VIRGINIAS, a project with a long history in which I became involved in work and which gave me the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of a world that I love. 

Let's say I carry cookies in my DNA, and I also love organic and natural food. From this interaction  C A R O L I N A is born, which following the history of the family has a woman's name: VICTORIA, VIRGINIA and now CAROLINA.

I have been inspried by the essence of my great-grandfather's first recipes 90 years ago. It is my personal tribute to a story that has made me who I am and to which I have added my own values, my knowledge and all my effort, that you will find on each CAROLINA product. I feel like this is my big dream that has become true. 

I hope you enjoy it.

We care about your health


What if you could take care of yourself through a diet made with natural and healthy ingredients? Or with certified organic ingredients?

In CAROLINA we are committed to small productions, baked slowly, manufactured locally and in small quantities. Made with wholemeal flour, palm oil free. Without preservatives, foodcolours nor GMOs.

The new generation of freshly baked wholemeal cookies. 

Por fuera

Welcome to CAROLINA HONEST foods we beleive it should be easy to eat good, tasteful and healthy food every single day. We have developed a wide choice of sweet products made on the basis of a strong philosophy and preference for food and raw materials of quality. 

CAROLINA makes it a  point of honour to create products of excellent raw materials ant that the quality goes to perfection. We are tying to create astonishing taste experiences and to combine ingredients you cannot find elsewhere.

A CAROLINA product will always provide you witt an experience outside the usual-both regarding ingredients and packaging which are essential parts of the experience. 

The products tell a story, create an atmosphere and make sense in a daily routine of life. Try our delicious cookies with chocolate and sprinkled coconut, with pineapple juice, ginger, cocoa or cinnamon along with your afternoon coffee or surprise your guests after a delicious dinner. A BOOM OF TASTE that also provides fiber to your diet.

Leaded by our founder, Maria, each product is carefully made in our small workshop. In small batches to ensure the highest level of freshness

We have created CAROLINA because we believe in healthy, sustainable, transparent food and that makes us get the best out of ourselves.

Health and flavors for everyone

CAROLINA products are also suitable for children. We bake our bio cookies with more than 95% organic ingredients and without refined sugars that will help them grow healthy.

They can also enjoy sugarfree, lactosefree and glutenfree candies. Fruit flavored, you will love its pleasant and creamy texture

A bit of history

CAROLINA is a new stage in a family of biscuits.

1914. Victoria cookies are born

1935. Virginias Cookies are born

2919. Carolina is born.

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