Alt NO ADDED SUGAR Carolina was born because we believe in healthy, transparent eating that makes us get the best out of ourselves. DISCOVER THEM ⇒ WITH PINEAPPLE JUICE

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0% SUGAR-FREE WHOLE GRAIN CHOCOLATE DIGESTIVE COOKIE. VEGAN Taking care of our health is very important. A meal that combines vegetables, cereals, water, and Carolina can be an excellent option, thanks to not containing added sugars and being baked with whole grain flour. It's time for you to start taking care of yourself! Additionally, its whole grain...
WHOLE GRAIN ARTISAN COOKIE WITH NO ADDED SUGAR, ORANGE MARMALADE, AND SESAME SEEDS Whole Grain Cookie 0% No added sugars We have the secret to nourishing you responsibly! Our Carolinas with orange marmalade and sesame seeds take the form of an irresistible cookie. We have the secret to nourishing you responsibly! With orange marmalade and sesame seeds,...
0% SUGAR-FREE WHOLE GRAIN ARTISAN COOKIE WITH CHOCOLATE AND ALMOND. VEGAN Discover our delicious 0% sugar-free, Whole Grain, Artisan Cookie with Chocolate and Almond. A vegan option that combines pleasure and health in every bite. A unique recipe with a crispy texture that perfectly combines the flavors of almond and sweet chocolate. We invite you to try...
0% No Added Sugars Gluten Free Biscuit
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Gluten free

0% No Added Sugars Gluten Free Biscuit

0% SUGAR-FREE AND GLUTEN-FREE DIGESTIVE COOKIE Digestive 0% Not added Sugars and Gluten Free. We have managed to create something incredible. The Digestive CAROLINA cookie is sugar free and at the same time is gluten free. It also does not contain lactose, or milk protein. With these cookies you can already enjoy something sweet!  190g / No Preservatives...
Gluten free

Gluten Free Biscuit with Chocolate

Digestive Gluten Free covered in chocolate Pure cocoa 52%. You have never tried such a good gluten free biscuit! 105 g / No preservatives / No foodcolours / No palm oil / GMO Free
Gluten-Free Bio Whole Grain Digestive Oat Cookie with Quinoa, Ginger, and Cinnamon. Vegan Gluten-free oat digestive cookie. With ginger, quinoa, and cinnamon. An exceptional and very tasty vegan combination in a bio cookie baked with whole oat flour. A CAROLINA with the best of nature. We are sure that you will love its soft, sweet, and natural texture....


Natural products are made of ingredients from nature. Body recognizes them easily and adapts to us naturally.

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In CAROLINA we use ingredients of 100% Natural origin. more than 80% BIO, in a sustainable, ethical way and with the minimum impact for the environment


We are committed to small productions, slowly baked, manufactured locally and in small quantities. The new generation of cookies. You should taste them!

I am honest with myself and others

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