The oatmeal feels good and it is not by chance. Its fiber and its antioxidants give properties that make it a therapeutic cereal. Discover  CAROLINA cookies with Oatmeal! You will receive at home a freshly baked product with an exceptional flavor.

Improving the excellent. Betting on innovation, always at the forefront of nutrition. With CAROLINA BIO OATMEAL cookies we achieve an even more tasty and beneficial Gluten Free formula for your body. They are made with 95% of BIO ingredients certified by the European Union.

Glutenfree  bio wholeoat... Glutenfree  bio wholeoat... 2
Digestive BIO Gluten Free wholeoats. With pineapple juice and grated coconut. An exceptional and very tasty vegan combination in a BIO cookie with whole grain oatmeal. With this cookie you can now eat gluten free with organic ingredients!  115g / Baked with more than 95% of bio ingredients +99,9% Natural/ No preservatives / No foodcolours / No palm oil /...
Gluten free bio whole... Gluten free bio whole... 2
Digestive BIO Gluten Free Integral Oatmeal. With quinoa, ginger and cinnamon. Its innovative flavor is pure addiction! It contains a perfect balance of natural BIO Vegan ingredients such as quinoa, ginger and cinnamon. It is also sweetened with brown cane sugar.   115g /Baked with more than 95% bio ingredients / No preservatives / No foodcolours / No palm...

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