All our cookies are made with whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour  contains the skin and the pod and has a high percentage of fiber.

CAROLINA cookies with innovative ingredients. Baked with whole wheat flour, without preservatives, dyes . Palm oil free.

No added sugars orange &...
No added Sugars wholewheat Cookie. With orange marmalade and sesame seeds. Taste it, it´s great! 180g / No preservatives / No foodcolours / No plam oil / No added sugars / Vegan
Bio Digestive Chocolate and... Bio Digestive Chocolate and... 2
Digestive BIO  Chocolate and Coconut. Feel great with this cookie sweetened with brown cane sugar. When you open this box you will find a delicious integral cookie wrapped in 52% pure cocoa chocolate and sprinkled with organic grated coconut. Its flavor will be unforgettable and you will feel great. 135g/ Baked with more than 95% of organic ingredients/...
Bio digestive chocolate...
BIO Digestive Spelt covered in chocolate and sweetened with agave syrup. This cookie includes the essentials to  nourish your body: whole spelt, sesame seeds and flax seeds. Sweetened with agave syrup and coated with  52% pure cocoa chocolate. A pleasure for the senses.  100g/ Baked with more than 95% of organic ingredients/ No preservatives/ No...
Bio digestive spelt with... Bio digestive spelt with... 2
  • Reduced price / -15% - BEST CHOICE
Digestive BIO Satiating Sspelt. Natural flavor. The revolutionary combination of golden flax, carob, the bitter touch of cocoa and the exotic flavor of chia is a real wonder for the palate. Feel great from head to toe with the digestive bio spelled integral Carolina.  When you open this box you will find a satiating and vegan cookie that will help you...
Bio spelt digestive with... Bio spelt digestive with... 2
Digestive BIO Detox Integral Spelled. Get a detox feeling thanks to a careful selection of natural and vegan ingredients. The formulation has been specially selected to provide natural detoxifying ingredients, lucuma, milk thistle, green wheat grass and Chlorella with purifying effect. You will love its pleasant and crunchy texture, its incredible natural...
Bio digestive spelt with... Bio digestive spelt with... 2
Digestive Bio Espelta with agave syrup, sesame seeds and flax. Vegan The perfect union between spelled whole wheat flour, a variety of wheat rich in nutrients and fiber and the most beneficial natural ingredients for adults and children. Sweetened with agave syrup, it has sesame and flax seeds, all in the same pack. The  l organic spelt Digestive biscuit...
Glutenfree  bio wholeoat... Glutenfree  bio wholeoat... 2
Digestive BIO Gluten Free wholeoats. With pineapple juice and grated coconut. An exceptional and very tasty vegan combination in a BIO cookie with whole grain oatmeal. With this cookie you can now eat gluten free with organic ingredients!  115g / Baked with more than 95% of bio ingredients +99,9% Natural/ No preservatives / No foodcolours / No palm oil /...
Gluten free bio whole... Gluten free bio whole... 2
Digestive BIO Gluten Free Integral Oatmeal. With quinoa, ginger and cinnamon. Its innovative flavor is pure addiction! It contains a perfect balance of natural BIO Vegan ingredients such as quinoa, ginger and cinnamon. It is also sweetened with brown cane sugar.   115g /Baked with more than 95% bio ingredients / No preservatives / No foodcolours / No palm...
No added sugars chocolate... No added sugars chocolate... 2
Sugar Free

No added sugars chocolate digestive

 0% No added sugars pure Chocolate Digestive. No added sugars. Wholewheat biscuit covered in pure chocolate cocoa 52%. So tasty that you won´t beleive it´s sugarfree  230g / No added sugars/ No preservatives or foodcolours / Palm oil free /Gmo free

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